Special programs

Ventula Travel DMC takes part in excellent cooperation with the local community and institutions; therefore, we are able to provide some unique experiences. Our favourite topics are mostly in the range of history and gastronomy, therefore occasionally we spice up our trips with special programs like participating in archaeological excavations under expert supervision, harvesting and producing the local products or maybe roots investigation. We are quite passionate when it comes to local community and the environment. By implementing them in such programmes, we always try to trigger positive reactions and to create sustainable circles around them.

Some of our programs you can check on our Ventula website

  • Karaka_Dubrovnik
  • archaeological_excavations
  • archery_klis
  • food_Radmanove
  • frankopan_castle
  • kayak_tour_Istria
  • olive_picking
  • peka_cooking_class
  • salt_gathering
  • watermill
  • wine_harvest
  • zipline