Meet the team

Our small but effective team of enthusiasts is composed of heritage, travel and organization lovers, and is capable of meeting all the challenges of the modern tourism. We were brought together by creativity and passion for our work, and our greatest rewards are our clients’ satisfaction and preservation of the cultural and natural treasures of Croatia.


Robert Bralić

As the founder of Ventula Travel DMC, Robi is our creative leader and the author of all of our programmes.

As a professional tourist guide and history and archaeology lover, he sometimes tends to express his creativity in somewhat unusual ways, but one thing is always true – he approaches everything he does in an ethical and open-minded way.

Katarina Vukšić

A born director by nature, with her 15 years of organizational experience, Katarina is the core of the company and has been actively participating in the local community associations for years now.

She connects everyone with her organisation skills always underlined with thoughtfulness. Therefore, it is no wonder that we sometimes call her the Queen Bee.


Jelena Vrdoljak-Peranić

Jelena joined us in order to achieve her maximum potential in a dynamic and innovative work environment that enables the application of acquired knowledge, skills, experience and creativity.

Now, it is up to us to build that working environment that she deserves.


Mariela Katić-Kuredža

Mariela is a young and enthusiastic travel agent wannabee. Her strong will and an open hart have led her to us, to refresh our working spirit with some „young blood“.

She never says no or takes it for an answer. Thirsty of knowledge and improvement, she indirectly shows us how simple it is to stay modest and passionate. It is nice to educate someone who will surely surpass us one day, but the bigger pleasure is to have her as our colleague.