A bit about Croatia

There's really no point in putting general information about Croatia with Wikipedia and the others around, so we'll try to avoid the usual stuff. Considering the fact that many people really don't know much about Croatia, we felt obliged to put some hints that really make a difference. It's good to know that the existence and rich heritage of Croatia have often been an enigma because of foreign control and sometimes tailored information by elements which didn't care. But due to that within ourselves we carry spontaneously knitted features from each culture that has been here

Croatia is in fact a young country whose unusual borders encompass an area of great natural and cultural diversity. This country, sitting on the "better" side of the Adriatic sea, is in fact one of the oldest European countries where its people live for 13 centuries now, during which were no boring periods for sure. 

Less than 4 million people live here, for example, from more than a thousand islands and islets, only 48 are inhabited, so it's quite roomy here. Croatians are proud and hospitable people, especially towards the travellers. Maybe that's because they make us more aware and appreciative of the place we live on.